Out Sales Field Marketing creates opportunities for consumers to engage with your brand on a personal level, forging connections that transcend the digital realm.

Industry Expertise

At Out Sales, we  believe that every interaction is a chance to make a lasting impression! As leaders in the field marketing industry, we specialize in bringing your brand directly to the people, engaging with consumers face-to-face, and creating memorable experiences that drive brand awareness and loyalty.

At Out Sales, we believe that in-person interactions are the cornerstone of successful marketing, and we’re dedicated to helping brands connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.

Led by a team of passionate brand ambassadors, event specialists, and experiential marketers, we offer a comprehensive suite of field marketing services designed to bring your brand to life in the real world.

From immersive pop-up events to interactive product demonstrations, Out Sales Field Marketing creates opportunities for consumers to engage with your brand on a personal level, forging connections that transcend the digital realm.

Our Expert Services

  • Event Planning and Execution – Conceptualizing, planning, and executing experiential events and activations that showcase your brand in dynamic and engaging ways, from product launches to community outreach initiatives.
  • Product Sampling and Demonstrations– Bringing your products directly to consumers through targeted sampling programs and interactive demonstrations that allow them to experience your brand firsthand.
  • In-Store Promotions and Retail Support – Partnering with retailers to create in-store displays, promotions, and events that drive foot traffic, increase sales, and enhance the retail experience for customers.
  • Street Team and Guerilla Marketing Campaigns – Deploying energetic street teams and executing guerilla marketing tactics to create buzz, generate excitement, and increase brand visibility in high-traffic areas and key demographics.
  • Brand Ambassador Programs – Recruiting and training brand ambassadors to represent your brand with authenticity and enthusiasm, engaging with consumers, answering questions, and building relationships on your behalf.
  • Trade Show and Conference Support – Providing comprehensive support for trade show and conference participation, including booth design, staffing, lead generation, and post-event follow-up.
  • Data Collection and Feedback – Gathering valuable insights and feedback from consumers through surveys, polls, and other data collection methods, providing actionable intelligence to inform future marketing strategies and initiatives.

At Out Sales Field Marketing, we understand that the power of human connection is unmatched in the world of marketing.

Let us be your partner in creating meaningful brand experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience, driving loyalty, advocacy, and long-term success.

Together, we’ll take your brand out of the boardroom and into the streets, forging connections and building relationships that stand the test of time.

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